Surprise trip to Paris

February 16th, 2010

So, in the tradition of getting Louise awesome Valentine’s Day gifts, I’ve come through once again! i told Louise some weeks ago to take some time off work over Valentine’s Day weekend so we could go to London. On Friday we travelled to London for our weekend away. Of course, London was only a stop on our onward journey to Paris via Eurostar!

As you might expect, we did your usual tourist fare, although is was -1C the whole weekend, which was punishing! So cold in fact, that the head of my tripod fell off (the supporting metal frame contracted and came apart from the glue).

At Sacre Coeur we met Keith Wood and Gabby Logan filming a bit for the rugby coverage later in the day. Louise wasn’t pleased to hear about Wales’ comeback and win against Scotland… especially since the text reached me in Notre Dame and I may have let out a whoop of joy.

The hotel we were in was the Ampere, which was pretty much right next to the metro. Everyone else in the hotel was Irish (including Gordon D’Arcy’s mum) and in town for the France game on the Saturday. I told the barman I was supporting France; he gave us complimentary cocktails!

On Valentine’s Day itself, we did something very romantic. We went to see a lot of dead people at the catacombs! Seriously. It was a rather spooky place, as you’d imagine, though the aura of mystery was shattered by some American tourists walking behind us who were being obnoxious and a bit disrespectful with their “posing” with the bones.


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    Wow that’s a great post Matt, sounds like you had an amazing time. Thanks for your submission to the Eurostar Explorer Train, brilliant picture!

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