Spot the 250 movies, 74 artists, etc

April 29th, 2007

If you are a serial procrastinator, you might find these links will keep you busy for a while! Hidden in each picture there are movies or musicians/bands. Your goal is to work out which, via the cryptic images arranged within. They range from the obvious (a ring = The Ring; a few eagles = The Eagles) to the cryptic (a pair of dice, each showing 1 = Snake Eyes; a melon wearing shades = Blind Melon).

Spot the 74 bands, from Virgin Music.

Spot 100 movies, from Lovefilm.×1024.jpg

Spot another 100 movies, from LoveFilm.×1024.jpg

Find 50 scary movies, from M&Ms [requires Flash].

“The Picture of Everything” – this is the ultimate. A talented chap (who presumably has a lot of time on his hands) has produced a single image which has so many film stars, bands, cartoon characters and other pop culture icons that it would take me hours to find them and list them. Thankfully Howard Hallis does the hard work for us on his website. The original site. (Be warned, Howard gets a lot of traffic so his site is often slow to load; it’s worth the wait.) (This is a mirror of part of the original image)

If you know of any others, please leave me a comment and tell me about it.

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