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October 24th, 2007

Google have been frustrating SEO watchers for a couple of months now by putting off updating toolbar PR for most sites, although they’ve annoyed a lot of pro bloggers by downgrading PR en masse for a whole heap of blogging sites.

Presuming you weren’t one of these unlucky few, I’ve found a way to check your current Pagerank, as long as your site is in the Google Directory. As most people realise, Google gets their data from Dmoz, so if you’re in one directory, you’re almost certainly in the other one. The difference between the two is that Google Directory sorts it’s directory listings by PR.

My web design business, MB Web Design, currently displays PR4 in the toolbar (and has done for months and months). However, check my listing in Google Directory and it shows PR6. I’ve seen a couple of other sites with different toolbar PRs versus their PR in Google Directory. So, go and have a look. You may be pleasantly surprised.

I think that Google’s sudden demotion of PR value for leading blogs is a way to deter such sites from selling links purely for the link juice. Some evidence supporting this theory follows:

Interestingly however, ProBlogger went from Pr6 to PR4, but according to Google Directory, has no PR at all

Feel free to contibute any other discrepancies between Google Directory PR and toolbar PR.

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14 Responses to “Check Your Current Pagerank”

  1. Hmm says:

    And … what makes you think that the directory one is more updated than the toolbar? I suspect you’re 100% wrong unless you have some evidence you’re not listing. My guess is the directory hasn’t been updated to reflect the actual new value which the toolbar is accurately showing.

  2. From personal experience – I’ve seen my own site go from PR4 to PR5 and now PR6 in the last few months, coinciding with an increase of incoming links. Toolbar PR, meanwhile has remained at PR4.

  3. The PageRank for the Google Directory is obtained from Google Datacenter:, whereas the toolbar is PR is obtained from: ( Google has 155 data centers that will give you different results depending on what htye know. Some data centers will even tell you a site has no PR.

    It seems as if PR may being done away with anyway:

  4. Ankit says:

    Pagerank is dead. Period.

    Pagerank is more dead than a rotting corpse, more dead than any teenager in Friday the 13th and more dead than those zombies in Resident Evil.

    Does Toolbar Pagerank decide your search engine rankings? If this was true, then Engadget, Forbes would have seen at least 20-30% traffic drop by now. None of the sites which have their PR decreased have reported their rankings being dropped.

    Will Google devaluate the link passing ability of websites with lower pagerank? Again if this happens then it will be Google itself who is going to suffer in the long run, because we all know Google’s alogorithm is solely dependent on backlinks. And punishing authority or strong sites, means gaming its own algorithm which I doubt Google will do.

    And third for readers. How is this Pagerank important? Engadget has a Pagerank of 5 and Gizmodo has a Pagerank of 7 or 8 (Sorry I don`t have Toolbar installed). Does this means for a reader Gizmodo is way ahead of Engadget. I am sure this is something even the Gizmodo editors won`t agree to.

    So the Pagerank is rendered useless for all three; webmasters, advertisers and readers. I would suggest people who still follow pagerank to please see the right picture, and move on.

  5. Well at least they’ve finally updated the toolbar PR – even if I did drop from a 5 to a 4. Boohoo!!

  6. Bert Hixson says:

    I believe that David and Ankit said it best. The tooolbar PR results will vary depending on what data center is being queried at the time. Also, PR is not a great means for measuring the quality of your site.

    I can, at least, back this from my own site which has been a PR4 for months now has dropped to a PR with the Jan. 10 Google update. That is to say on my home computer. From my work computer… my toolbar PR is still at a 4.

    The big factor is that although my site has been dropped to PR3 at some data centers, I am still getting more traffic and better SERP due to a lot of SEO.

    Anyway… that is my 2 cents.


  7. Page rank constantly fluxuates. What matters is finding quality websites (related content). PR is important in referrals, but content is equally important. If PR is dead, why do the higher ranking sites appears towards the top of the search engine?

  8. Khayte says:

    Gawd, mine had gone to N/A too, I hate the fact that they have to reduce our PR’s just because we monetize our blogs. What’s the catch anyway? They do the same thing, too I guess on their ‘other’ websites perhaps. Damnn, it makes me go all crazy. –,

  9. So much has been said about PR and the correlative paid links and why the sudden drop. I hope all these gets resolved.

  10. Laymybet says:

    Thankfully, our Pagerank jumped up slightly since the last big update.

  11. jamie says:

    Yeah, i think google are going WAY to strict, anyone agree?

  12. Yeah i agree everyone is ruled by the dreaded PR.

  13. Well, I run a PR check for my website and I do that on one very popular tool, but two Google datacenters are always giving 0 in return, which are: &
    Anyone here can explain why?

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